Hpe End User License Agreement

a. Use. You can use the software product on a single computer (“your computer”). If the software product is made available to you via the Internet and was initially authorized to be used on more than one computer, you can only install and use the software product on those computers. You do not need to separate the components of the software product to be used on more than one computer. You are not allowed to distribute the software product. You can load the software product into your computer`s temporary memory (RAM) to use the software product. 3.1. License. Subject to the terms of this ALA, HPE grants the Customer a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sub-conceded license for the internal installation, reproduction and use of Free Software for similar testing, evaluation, testing or non-production for the duration of the free software, subject to usage and time limitations expressly set by HPE or by the configuration of a key. The customer must not authorize the use of Free Software on a standalone basis or as incorporated into another product or transfer the use of Free Software to third parties. If the customer decides to use the free software after the duration of the free software, the customer must obtain a license for the corresponding commercial software.

If the customer decides not to obtain a license for the corresponding commercial software after the duration of the free software, the customer will stop using this free software and remove it from its computer systems. 2. UPDATES. To use software identified as an upgrade, you must first be licensed for the original software product identified by HP as eligible for the upgrade. After the upgrade, you can no longer use the original software product that was the basis for your upgrade authorization. By using the software, you also agree: that HP can automatically access your HP product if it is connected to the Internet to check the version or status of certain software products, and that they can automatically download and install updates or updates of these software on your HP product in order to provide new versions or updates necessary to ensure the functionality, performance or security of HP software and your product and facilitate the provision of support or other services. In some cases, depending on the type of upgrade or update, notifications (via pop-up or otherwise) that may require you to initiate the upgrade or update to be updated. B.

Collection/use by third parties. Some of the software included in your HP product is made available to you by third parties and holds a separate license (“third-party software”). Third-party software can be installed and operational on your HP product, even if you decide not to activate/buy this software. Third-party software can collect and transmit technical information about your system (for example. B IP address, unique device identifier, installed version of software, etc.) and other data from the system. This information is used by third parties to identify the attributes of the technical system and ensure that the latest version of the software has been installed on your system. If you don`t want third-party software to collect this technical information or automatically send you version updates, uninstall the software before you connect to the Internet.

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