Cms Systems Improvement Agreement

Many hospitals have similarities to this state hospital; limited resources, struggling staff, poorly prepared managers and inadequate quality control systems. 6/3/2016 – Press release: The CMS agreement supports Western State Hospital`s journey for safer and quality care Although there are many reasons to organize the creation of an AIS, perhaps the most important justification is the ability to take a “breath” of ongoing audits and compliance visits. An ASA includes an organizational-wide assessment, a gap analysis, a correction plan and implementation that only leads to a new formal investigation. There is time, space and external assistance to address concerns, design better systems and develop employees to meet or exceed the requirements for PARTICIPATION in CMS. An AIS is a voluntary legal agreement between CMS and a Medicare-certified hospital. The ASA is essentially an alternative to the hospital`s termination of the Medicare program. In return, CMS agrees to suspend the implementation of the proposed termination decision until the implementation of the agreement by the health organization. The AIS approach, which CMS is now using selectively, is to give the hospital time to focus on long-term sustainable improvements while continuing to secure Medicare funding. Western State Hospital and the Department of Social and Health Services have reached an agreement with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to improve the system to improve patient care and general safety. This page is dedicated to providing information and updates on activities and progress to address issues that need to be addressed and improved. Please check regularly when the information is updated. To obtain independent consultations (at their own expense); Submit the names of consulting firms and/or individuals (including their resumes); Acquiring expertise in the development and implementation of an effective quality assessment and performance improvement program; Take over the services of an independent full-time compliance officer in the field for the duration of the agreement; and other conditions defined by the CMS, including a new measure by CMS within six to twelve months.

The ASA requires the hospital to have an external and independent review of the operation of the hospital. In addition, for the duration of the agreement, the hospital must recruit an independent full-time compliance officer on site. Once these steps are complete, the hospital will need to be re-examined by CMS.

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