Sf 312 Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement

In accordance with Executive Order 12968, clearance holders must meet reporting obligations. Clearance holders are required to self-declare anything that may be prohibitive according to the awarding guidelines. Staff members are also encouraged and expected to disclose any information that raises doubts about the clear compatibility with national security of another staff member`s ability to access classified information. In addition to the psB requirements, market authorization holders must notify their own hierarchy and meet all additional agency-specific requirements. More information on the EC will be published during implementation. This course is a mandatory requirement for anyone with a National Security Authorization (Secret or Top Secret). The facilitators of this staff are also encouraged to participate in the training. During the training, participants will receive information on self-reporting requirements for clearing holders, updates on changes to national security processes, and an update on security sharing issues such as discount authorizations, email cards, SF-312, new surveys and more. PSB tracks all foreign travel notifications that will be received and will try to contact you proactively upon your return.

However, to ensure that reporting obligations are met, send a notification as soon as you return from Foreign Travel to the service of staff and security. PSB will ask you to answer eight yes/no questions about your trip abroad and any foreign contact. If you answer “yes” to any of the questions asked, you will be asked to fill out a contact form SF86C and Foreign National. As stated in SF312, clearance holders are responsible for the protection of classified information and must ensure that they follow appropriate procedures when transporting information. In addition, anyone who carries classified information must have a Courier card. The SF-312 Classified Information Nondisclosure Briefing trains staff who need access to classified information about their roles and responsibilities. Anyone who has to have their authorization given to another agency must complete a DOI IBC Clearance Verification Form. ALL fields are required and this form must be submitted 2-3 business days in advance. PSB cannot transmit information about DOD`s JPAS system, the advertiser must provide a fax or email address for the security office that receives. This section provides a brief overview of the classified information confidentiality agreement, Standard Form 312 (SF-312) and other relevant information. This information will help shed light on staff who need access to classified information for their roles and responsibilities. If you have any questions, contact the Personnel Security Service at 303-716-4005 or email the National Security Team.

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