Prenuptial Agreement Contoh

Pre-marriage agreements are not common enough in Indonesia. There are still many people who think this agreement is taboo. “Why isn`t it normal not to trust your own potential partner?” This is understandable when you consider that the information on the marriage agreement is still very minimal. Most of you may be planning to get married in the future. It`s not just about the budget and the concept of marriage, there are many other things to consider carefully. One of them is the development of a marriage contract. Marital agreement. For some, the word is perhaps less familiar to the ear. And even if interpreted, the edges will still invite questions. “Is it necessary?” This can be understood, as some people`s knowledge of the conjugal agreement or marital agreement is still minimal. “Why do you want to live in a house where intentions were wrong at first.” So a friend said, during a chat after lunch.

Yes, it is not easy to talk about money before marriage. Therefore, not all brides-to-be want to enter into a premarital agreement. There is no doubt that the marriage agreement is in a black and white space. Some people think it is necessary, but many have put it in a taboo zone. Well, not to be always biased, it`s good to know pre-marriage agreements. As a general rule, marital arrangements are made by established wives who have large amounts of property and inheritance. In addition, pre-marriage agreements are often made by divorced individuals who will remarry. Pre-marital agreements are mandatory and valid from the date of marriage. By law, pre-marriage agreements are governed by section 29 of Act 1 of 1974. Indeed, the matrimonial agreement is a wise step under the law, which aims to guarantee the financial well-being of both parties of married couples in the event of a dispute resulting in a domestic break-up. Especially children who should not suffer from the actions of their parents. There are many things to keep in mind before the wedding, one of which is the wedding arrangement.

A conjugal agreement is a contractual agreement or arrangement made before the breakdown of marriage. This marriage agreement can be concluded for marriage agreements between Indonesian citizens and foreigners. It would be better if the Kemenkumham matrimonial agreement were legalized, legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and legalized by the embassy above. For married people, can make a post-uptial arrangement. Since the adoption of constitutional court decision No. 69 of 2015, marriage contracts have been renewed for the manufacturing period. Thus, not only can it be done before marriage, but it can also be done during the wedding period. This agreement is called post-uptial agreement. This is an example of a marriage contract that has been established: for mixed marriages, couples are required to enter into a marriage contract or more known as a marriage agreement. A marital agreement is an agreement between a future husband and wife regarding the ownership of a man and a woman during the marriage. This was established in section 29 of the Marriage Act.

Constitutional Court Judgment 69/PUU-XIII/2015. The post-marriage agreement has a provision that is governed by it is the property and debts that occur after the creation of a marriage contract.

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