Nursing Home Reporting System User Agreement

Suspicions of crimes against the elderly (Elder Justice Act) can also be submitted via this system. The institution should include it in the report. As a support, the Federal Home Reporting System`s Use Manual provides step-by-step guides for recording access to the system and for submitting your federal reports on 2-hour/immediate and five-day reports. As soon as a user files their user contract online, the user and the administrator of the care home must sign the printed usage agreement. Be sure to send the user agreement with a recent copy of the Facility license to the fax number (s) indicated in the user agreement. To register as a new user, click NEW USER?to create your online user agreement, ID and password. If you are having trouble registering or updating your active list of users, please email or call 850-412-4504. Once you are on this site, you can submit a report if you are already a registered user. Many users of the facility have access to the view and report. The online system allows up to five active users. Institutions need to keep their user lists up-to-date to enable effective reporting. Electronic transmission, tracking and real-time confirmation of all reports submitted on behalf of the setting up of authorized users.

This is useful information that you should have before and during the survey. Nursing homes are particularly required by the federal government Section 483.12, CFR, to report and investigate all allegations of abuse, neglect, exploitation or abuse, including violations from unknown sources, and misappropriation of property to the state agency. For questions about state reports on adverse incidents click here. Care homes must submit a 2-hour/2-hour report and a five-day follow-up report to the Health Administration Agency. Please follow the link to our website below to submit your 2-hour and/or 5-day instant reports to 483.12 (c) (1) (4). Save this site to your favorites. The emergency report must be submitted as soon as possible and no later than 24 hours after the incident is discovered. If the events that led to the charge involve serious abuse or assault, they must be reported within two hours of the act.

The five-day report must be submitted within five business days from the date of the incident. All notifications received after this period are taken into account in accordance with federal regulations.

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