Nursing Home Reporting System User Agreement

Implementation will begin on 1 January 2013. All other policies and procedures for reporting adverse events remain the same. Only the process of reporting by suppliers has changed. If you are having trouble registering or updating your list of active users, please email or call 850-412-4504. Multiple users of the facility have access to viewing and submitting reports. The online system will allow up to FIVE active users. Institutions must maintain their user lists to allow for effective reporting. Electronic submission, tracking and confirmation of all reports submitted on behalf of the institution by authorized users in real time. This is useful information that you should have before and during the investigation. Once a user has submitted their online user agreement, the user and the administrator of the nursing home must sign the printed user agreement.

Be sure to send the User Agreement with a current copy of the installation license to the fax number(s) specified in the User Agreement. To register as a new user, click ON NEW USER? to create your online user agreement, username and password. As of January 1, 2013, providers will report all adverse incidents where individuals receive services from accredited or KDADS-funded organizations online through the Air Web Application (Adverse Incident Report) located in the KDADS Web Applications within 24 hours of becoming aware of the incident. On August 31, 2016, a new version of the AIR web application was released. The REPORT page for AIR Web Applications can be found on the home page of the KDADS Website under in the “Quick Links” section. This report page is secure, but no longer requires you to connect to KDADS web applications. Once a supplier has submitted the report, it can be printed for the supplier`s records. As soon as the page is closed, no further access is available to the provider.

At the time of submission, an email notification is sent to designated KDADS staff who monitor the individual`s program. Once the MCO has been verified by KDADS employees, an email notification is sent to MCO staff (if he is a registered Medicaid member). Each MCO only has access to incident reports involving consumers who were logged into a particular AGC at the time the incident occurred. You can also find instructions for the AIR web application using the links below. A KDADS supervisor or officer reviews the RIA and assigns it to the appropriate staff for follow-up and investigation. Employees then begin their work by contacting the supplier, confirming receipt of the RIA, requesting additional documentation, gathering relevant information and, if necessary, planning their investigation. Once you are on this website, you can submit a report if you are already a registered user. For assistance, see the Nursing Home Federal Reporting System User Guide for step-by-step instructions on how to register to access the system and how to submit your 2-hour/immediate and five-day federal reports.

This system can also be used to report suspected crimes against seniors (Justice for Seniors Act). The institution should take note of this in the report. HCBS Waiver Services – If you have any questions about HCBS Waiver issues, please contact the appropriate Waiver Program Manager. Contact information for program managers can be found here. Nursing homes are required by the federal government, particularly under 483.12 CFR, to report and investigate to state authority any allegations of abuse, neglect, exploitation or ill-treatment, including violations of unknown origin and misappropriation of residential property. The immediate report should be submitted as soon as possible, but no later than 24 hours after the discovery of the incident. If the events giving rise to the allegation involve abuse or serious bodily harm, they must be reported within two hours of the submission of the allegation. The five-day report must be submitted within 5 business days of the date of the incident. Any report received after this date will be considered non-compliant with federal regulations. For community psychiatric centres, if it is determined that an investigation is warranted (including events deemed to require investigation in K.A.R.

30-60-55), the incident will be referred to a peer review committee whose members are appointed and are considered peer review officers and/or peer review committees duly trained by the Mental Health Centre in accordance with peer review and management laws. risks, including but not limited to: but not limited to K.S.A. 65-4915 et. Following. and 65-4922 to 4927. Hazel Francis, Acting Administrator of the Risk Management and Patient Safety Program Tel: (850) 412-3747 Unit: (850) 412-3731 Fax: (850) 922-2217 » Licensure and Regulation » Florida Center » Office of Risk Management & Patient Safety Die KDADS Community Services and Programs Commission hat Richtlinien und Verfahren zur Durchführung von Untersuchungen zu unerwünschten Vorfällen verfasst. . .


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