Non-Exclusive Agency Agreement

You can choose the type of agreement based on your needs and preferences. As part of the agreement, you can also indicate whether the agent has exclusive or non-exclusive territory. This means that the client is able to ensure, if necessary, that all agents acting under his control receive an appropriate share of the available market share. Starting in July, you can also ask your real estate agent to add a “Service Obligation” document to the exclusive agency contract with the real estate agency. In this document, you discuss and agree with your real estate agent on the amount and extent of services offered, such as. B the frequency of “Open House” announcements and sessions. You can terminate the contract if your agent does not comply with the duty of service. You can appoint the agent as an exclusive, non-exclusive agent or alone in a given territory. An exclusive representative has the exclusive right to actively seek the sale of your products in the territory and you, as a customer, will not be able to sell products in the territory (unless you expressly reserve certain rights). The agreement defines the rights and obligations of the awarding entity. In particular, the extent of the agent`s authority to act in the manner in which the client is bound is traced.

It is important to understand that the agent can only act on behalf of the awarding entity, as far as the provisions of the agreement permit. That may mean, for example. B, that a client reserves the right to authorize or refuse all negotiated sales before a binding contract is concluded. If you opt for the non-exclusive agreement, you can nominate several agents that will help you market your property or seek an agreement. You need to coordinate the efforts of real estate agents who are introducing the other part into you so that their efforts do not overlap. Maybe you don`t have the full picture of all the offer prices at a time when agents could update you at different times. The Company and the Agent want to enter into an agreement under which the agent will market and sell the product on the terms and conditions. Many Wilmington, NC, home buyers have found it advantageous to use a realtor to represent them in the home buying process. It is their responsibility to help you find a home that meets your needs, to provide you with facts that will help you determine your decisions and to protect your best interests during negotiation and conclusion. In North Carolina, buyer`s commissions are usually paid by the home seller (with the exception of For Sale By Owners who are not willing to pay commissions).

If you decide to use a real estate agent to buy a home, they will ask you to sign a purchasing agency agreement that describes their role and services. This document is important because it ensures that you and the agent have a clear understanding of what they can expect from each other. There are two types of buyer agency – exclusive and non-exclusive. The awarding entity designates the agent as its non-exclusive representative in the territory (as defined below) for the marketing or sale of the products in accordance with the terms of this agreement. A single agent may prevent you, as general manager, from appointing another agent for the territory, but you will remain able to sell products directly in the territory.

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