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Canvas is a web-based learning environment, so students can access the site from any computer with Internet access. It is also a platform that teachers can use to send notes, assignments, presentations, instructions, etc. to entire classes. Students who wish to be considered for the High North Fellowship must study at one of these institutions under an agreement with their home institution. This Postdoc project aims to improve the efficiency and performance of scientific modeling and simulations on exascale architectures by adapting machine learning and to provide scalable and robust solutions with guaranteed accuracy in a minimum of time. Adaptive capacity is essential to increase automation of modeling and simulation workflows and to respond to the increasing complexity of applications and architectures. Exascale architectures are based on a complex combination of thousands of heterogeneous processing nodes, each with a large number of nuclei, accelerators, memory types and sophisticated connections. Therefore, the choice of optimal algorithms and implementations depends heavily on applications and architecture. This project is studying the possibilities of: Please note:Learning Agreement: Your home institution must sign this document.

You won`t need an UiT signature for your learning agreement at the time of application. (If you are approved, you will receive a learning agreement signed by UiT with your admission letter). The apprenticeship agreement should include all the learning gains that the student must obtain during the exchange. An apprenticeship contract must be signed by the student, the partner university and the exchange coordinator within the UiT before a student exchange. This agreement forms the basis for the specific approval/recognition of the exchange period for students in your individual training plan and is essential for financial assistance from the Norwegian National Education Loans Fund. The following link provides information on the practical steps you need to take to become a member of our learning and social community at UiT The Arctic University of Norway. Don`t worry – the process is simple: just take a few minutes to carefully check all the information, which should make your transition to UiT as smooth as possible. European System for Assigning and Accumulating Education Credits (ECTS): This system within the EU aims to make it easier to compare learning achievements and the workload of studies from one university to another between different countries. ECTS was introduced to facilitate student exchanges under the Erasmus programme, but was introduced in many European countries by the Bologna process. The system is based on 60 ECTS, which represent one year of full-time studies. Therefore, if you took courses worth 60 ECTS while studying abroad, the general rule recognizes this as 60 credits in a bachelor`s degree at Norwegian universities.

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