Fora Agreement Definition

In the first year of the FOA`s existence, differences between socialists and anarchists continued. The founding congress had decided that La Organizacion should serve as the official organ of the Federation, but the socialist editors of the newspaper refused to do so. In September, the twelve socialist trade unions responsible for the newspaper expressed their regret at having accepted the resumption of publication by the Confederation. [17] The meeting of anarchists with socialists and moderates ended after one year. At the second FOA congress, a dispute over the admission of delegates who were not members of the unions they represented escalated into chaotic and furious cries and moderates. The departure of the Socialists left the anarchists in total control of the Federation. They decided to end cooperation with the Socialist Party and use boycotts in labour disputes. [18] In 1903, the moderates founded the General Union of Workers (UGT) as a rival trade union federation. [19] On 7 January 1919, a strike by an anarchist trade union with close ties to FORA V in Nueva Pompeya resulted in a shootout between workers and police, troops and firefighters, killing five people. Two days later, police assaulted the 200,000 workers on their way to The Chacarita cemetery, killing 39 other men. FORA V had called for a general strike after the events of 7 January, and FORA IX followed on 9 January. On 11 January, FORA IX agreed with industrialists Nueva Pompeya, who were put under pressure by the Ministry of the Interior.

In exchange, the government agreed to release all prisoners captured during the strikes. In response to the actions of the workers, the economic and military leaders formed the Argentine Patriotic League vigilant. Unimpressed with the government, it attacked workers` organizations and activists. In total, between 100 and 700 people died during the so-called tragic week or the Spanish Semana Trégica. [30] If more than one court is the appropriate forum to hear a dispute, the applicant may participate in the shopping forum. In this situation, the plaintiff attempts to have a dispute heard before the court that the plaintiff thinks he will render the verdict or judgment most favourable, that this forum imposes harshness or inconvenience on the opposing party. The defendant cannot even appear in the forum chosen by the plaintiff, so the plaintiff can win the default appeal.

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